About us

We strongly believe that Jesus is the perfect example of what a Christian should be, and that every believer should strive to emulate His footsteps and live a life that reflects Jesus’s teachings and values. Jesus’s life was one of humility and love, and He serves as a reminder to all believers that following His example is essential to living a life of faith and purpose. By learning to live by the indwelling life of Christ in every believer, we can show love, truth and grace to those around us.

We believe that every person has a role to play in God's Kingdom, and that through our work we can help to bring more people into God's family and to prepare them for the return of Jesus Christ.

The Lord is calling us all into a deeper relationship with Him, to become and be transformed into the image of the Son Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to make disciples and equip saints to live a holy life and spread Jesus' love. This will bring about transformation in their communities, cities, and nations. Each disciple is an integral part of the Church, and their obedience to God's commands will lead to a wave of transformation that spreads outward.

our values

Devoted Worshippers

Our simple worship cherishes the Lord’s Supper and His mercy. We strive to live as living sacrifices through the Spirit and the indwelling life of Christ, beyond just being "good" Christians.

Loving families

We aim to love and sacrifice for each other more deeply than a natural family, united by our common bond with Jesus. We share our lives, obeying the "one another" commands in Scripture. Christ asks us to be known for our love, claiming our unity would lead others to believe in Him.

equipped for ministry

We want to be equipped for service, cultivating a culture of discipleship and servitude. Everyone has a unique gift from the Holy Spirit, meant for strengthening the community. Our leaders guide us in character development, with the ultimate goal of emulating Christ, leading others to Him, making disciples, and planting churches.

spirit-filled disciples

We want to embody supernatural character, empowered by the Holy Spirit, dedicated to sharing the gospel with signs following. We prioritize the great commission over survival or lifestyle improvement, willing to sacrifice for Christ. This may involve spreading His word in foreign lands or supporting those who do so, but certainly includes regular gospel sharing with neighbors.

Suffering Sojourners

We eagerly await Christ's return, willingly suffer when necessary for the promise of heavenly rewards. We thrive in hardship for His name, focused on the unseen not the seen. We live as aliens on earth, anticipating a better city, embracing the cross to partake in Christ's death and resurrection.

remembering the needy

Throughout scripture we see how God has a heart for the needy. We want to bring hope to the hopeless and stretch out our hand in word, deed and power touching those who are in need around us - locally and abroad.

our Practices

christ in communion

We regularly break bread together as a family of God and remember the Lord's Supper till He returns. Communion is what continues to unite us in focus our eyes on Christ.

devoted to the word

We shouldn't be fed once a week from a pastor, but rather our time with the Lord during the week should be expressed in each of our lives. On Sunday, we come together and share what we learned and encourage another.

livings stones

We know that the church is not made up out of buildings but out of livings stones. We meet regularly in our church building, but the church life continues during the week in homes, and other public places.

disciples make disciples

Everyone is called to share the gospel and make disciples in their own context. This does not look the same for everyone but we make sure everyone is equipped and comfortable to obey this command of Christ. This involves intentional long-term discipleship, sticking through when things get hard, working through conflict and sins.

everyone has gifts

Everyone has a unique supernatural gift that can be used for the edification of the church. We make sure that everyone is able to walk in the gifts of the Spirit and recognizes their strength so they can bless the people around them and not just rely on the pastor.


A disciple makes disciple, a good leader makes a leader, a healthy church, plants a new church. Our goal is not to grow a big church but rather multiply churches. We learned that as churches grow bigger, they lose intimacy with one another and their meetings turn into tradition. We want to create a healthy environment of church planting and multiplication.

our Family

At God's Kingdom Ministry we strive to build spiritual families of disciples, where people are actively involved in one another's lives. Jesus is represented in character, love, faith, hope, and in power. In doing so, we exemplify the example Jesus set for us in living out our purpose: to share the love of God and His promises in the age to come in tangible ways.

The person of Jesus Christ is the centre of everything we do. The essence of who we are is rooted in knowing Him and sharing Him with others. We are committed to living out our faith by intentionally seeking to establish relationships with those around us, in order to invite them to experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ. We open our homes for friends and neighbours to share meals and conversations, and to introduce them to the life-changing power of Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

Not only do we share this family life in words and acts but also with power through prayer and laying on of hands. This way we can demonstrate to people the Kingdom of God.

What we believe

1. That the Bible (66 books) is the inspired and infallible Word of God, the sole and sufficient guide for our life on earth.
2. That there is one God eternally existent in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
3. In the Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, His humanity, His perfectly sinless life, His substitutionary death as an atonement for our sins, His bodily resurrection, His ascension to the Father, and His personal return to the earth for His saints.
4. That all human beings are dead in sin and utterly lost and that the only way their sins can be forgiven is through repentance and through faith in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.
5. In the working of the Holy Spirit, whereby a person is born again to be a child of God by water and spirit.
6. That justification is by faith in Christ alone, the evidence of this being good works that glorify God.
7. In baptism in water, by immersion, after repentance and faith in Christ becoming a partaker of the death and resurrection.
8. In the necessity of being filled with the Holy Spirit continually in order to have the power to be witnesses for Christ - by life, word and power.
9. In the resurrection of the righteous to eternal life and the resurrection of the unrighteous to eternal damnation.
10. That the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead now lives in every born-again believer and gives us the authority to cast out demons, pray for the sick and baptize other believers.
11. That we currently live in an evil present age and are looking for the blessed hope of the return of Christ to setup His Messianic reign where this age will pass.

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